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Beshear Being Taken To Task On Gambling Stance In Kentucky

Governor Steve Beshear ran his campaign by convincing voters that he was in favor of expanded gambling in the state of Kentucky. Upon moving into office, Beshear and his gambling plan was defeated by legislators. Since the defeat, Beshear has taken the unusual route of changing his stance. He recently seized 141 online casino domain […]

Battle Heating Up in Massachusetts Over Proposed Casino Licenses

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick used his pro-gambling stance to help get himself elected. Now, he is trying to have three casinos licensed for gambling, but his plan is receiving heavy opposition. House Speaker Salvatore Dimasi has been one of the main combatants to Patrick on the issue of expanded gambling. He is doing everything in […]

Bar In Georgia Raided For Illegal Gambling Activity

USA Players Accepted at Rome Casino! Law enforcement around the US are taking the approach of ‘get em while we can’ as they continue their assault on illegal gambling operations. The latest arrests took place over the weekend in a Gwinnett County bar. Fourteen people were arrested and charged with various gambling related offenses. Mi […]

Baptist Bill McCollum Needs to Stop Lying About Internet Gambling

The overwhelming concern from Baptists leaders and other religious groups who are willing to violate any personal and civil freedom in order to protect the very few vulnerable citizens in America need to, at the very least, learn about Internet gambling and stop spreading lies to their followers who know even less about the issue. […]