Beshear Being Taken To Task On Gambling Stance In Kentucky

Governor Steve Beshear ran his campaign by convincing voters that he was in favor of expanded gambling in the state of Kentucky. Upon moving into office, Beshear and his gambling plan was defeated by legislators.

Since the defeat, Beshear has taken the unusual route of changing his stance. He recently seized 141 online casino domain names citing their negative effect on the children of Kentucky. Now, Beshear will be called to task on his new found stance.

Representative Greg Stumbo of Prestonburg is preparing to file new legislation that would expand gambling at the states racetracks. He feels that without expanded gambling options, the state will be at risk of losing their racing industry.

“I’m convinced if we don’t do something, we’re going to lose our horse industry. we may end up with just two tracks,” said Stumbo in an interview.

This new legislation will put Beshear in an awkward position. He will have the responsibility to either support the new legislation, which would damage his credibility, or support the legislation, which would damage his credibility.

If that seems confusing, it’s because it is. Beshear pledged to expand gambling when he ran for office, so if he does not support the new legislation it will appear to voters that he has ran on a false platform.

If he supports the legislation, however, it will go back on what Beshear did when he seized the online casino domain names. Either way, Rep. Stumbo will be bringing Beshear to the forefront of the gambling issue in Kentucky.

Video lottery terminals are at the center of the new legislation. Owners of the states race tracks believe that the video lottery terminals are the only way at this point to save the struggling industry.